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Originally Posted by disq
thank you all for the comments.
the purpose of the xml file (or it could've been any other datafile) format is mainly the tree-structured view. i could've made it so you pointed a "data directory" and the nodes were simply files in that directory. i didn't because i liked the single-datafile idea better, it's tidy and easier to back up. to view the notes outside, an XSLT formatter would do the trick. you won't be able to view sketches with that tho, (i will save the sketches in png (or maybe pixmap) and uuencode/base64encode it into the xml stream) so will probably have to add functions to import/export sketches (and don't forget voice notes) in the future. or you could use clipboard functions, they will work.
This sounds like TreeLine, of which there is a port for the Zaurus :

... only with PyGtk under Hildon instead of PyQt under Qtopia, and extended to non-text content. The nice thing about TreeLine is that the same app runs under Linux/Windows, so you can share your data between the desktop and the PDA.