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i like the idea, i'm just not sure it's enough at the moment.

I understand keeping OMAP3 will help make porting easier. I just think if I was gonna be shelling out over €700 I would expect better specs and a more future ready device. i understand number of units dictate price, but on a lower income it's not something i can commit to in its current state.

I would like to think of this as a starting point, to work out what needs rewriting, to work on hw abstraction. should this be possible, porting to a newer platform would be easier. this is then the point i would be willing to commit that sort of cash.

If you were taking a Jolla like approach using libhybris to port to something like and S4 google play edition to churn out a current high spec device i could live with that price knowing if the project failed there was a fully working os i could flash to it.

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