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Give somebody an inch and he'll take a mile I think this project's goal is not to provide a high-end device, nor complete with current high-end devices. And for sure not using some keyboardless crap as a device to run Maemo on. Neither some closed architecture (libhybris, deformated Android kernel, etc.), I want my device to be open enough for me to be able to have a look on its insides and know that it does only what it says it does (:wink wink: I don't trust Android, if you know what I mean).

As far as I'm concerned, Fremantle is far better than Harmattan, so using it as a software base is great. Also the N900's form factor is much better than N9's or slim keyless android phones. I see your project as a chance to make our devices live a few years longer. I find these specs sufficient enough for me for the next few years. I don't need quad-core beast only to overload it with dalvik vm crap. I will be unspeakably happy to be able to buy the device which idea you sketched in the first post. In other words, count me in If it will be stable, relativelyopen and durable enough to serve me for a few years, I am willing to pay a good price for it, better than for any other phone on the market. Even if it won't be high end.
hybris ain't non-free
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