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Strange update today. Dialog window title bars apparently now have correct backgrounds. Strange as AFAIK the code I thought handled the repeating texture ( is commented out. I think it was the changes made to texture cache ( that have fixed it. Only noticed today when playing with the profiles dialog.

Few more commits lately. The messy task switcher bits in hildon-desktop have been commited (

For libhildon, it's down to only a handful of warnings on 3.14. There's some fixes for new GTK versions commited and a few more in the pipeline. I need to drop gtk_widget_override_* on newer versions for example. hildon-pannable-area has even more dead code removed (still more left though). The hildon-pannable-area-tuning-example generates a few warnings regarding GtkStock during build and doesn't work. As this is unneeded due to the touchscreen support in GTK3 it will eventually be removed.

hildon-status-menu needs some margin/padding fixes in the drop down menu.

status-menu-applet-profiles needs layout fixes.

Regarding ST: Had a quick look at source files and the ones I checked looked like they would drop in quite nicely. Unfortunately it needs Makefile edits so I tried some of them and managed to get a but further. The real kicker is it needs libmutter-clutter, a specialised version of clutter thats integrated into the mutter source tree. Maybe down the road if Matchbox is replaced with Mutter it would be viable.

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