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The initial reason was to try to offload some of the maintainence of the packages by relying on the work done for Mer/Sailfish. Same reason for trying to use as many stock Debian packages as possible. This is the same reason why some of the translations have been changed. Why track and translate common statements such as Done, Okay, Cancel etc when they are already available in GTK? This is still a WIP so some are done some aren't
Yeah, makes sense. On the other hand, how much is Mer/Nemo maintained besides what jolla does?

The second reason is binary blobs.

As stated earlier, using CSSU MCE would at the moment rely on a binary package for libdevlock (we have headers in CSSU) or we would have to reverse engineer it. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that. I do want to be able to support the CSSU version but I don't want to rely on blobs.

The same is true for osso-systemui. CSSU has packages for the different modules such as osso-systemui-modechange and osso-systemui-modechange-dev at the moment. Although they should all build ok, the modules depend on osso-systemui.
IIRC I promised to RE systemui. I already did some job, will try to finish it in the incoming days.

Next will come libdevlock, there is 12k .so file and 7k executable, should be easy to have them REed.

Finally I need to see what the state of libconic0 is.
Source code is available through maemo repos, though it needs libosso

There is one commit that was purely about getting hildon-desktop to build using Mer userland. All it does, with the exception of the first changed line is comment out or mess with the #defines to remove some of the code. When I get round to it I need to add a configure option for using Mer userland (it will default to Maemo) and then rework the code in the commit so as to support both.

The commit in question is this one. Ignore the stupid #define names, I was probably having a bad/frustrated day.
I have some kind of a "plan" to run CSSU Fremantle hildon-desktop(or something as close as possible) on devuan, unfortunately it seems I can't reuse much of the work in Cordia, as it doesn't seem to keep much (if any) compatibility with Fremantle.

The final goal so far is to have Fremantle CSSU h-d running on a tablet (Allwiner seems to be fit for the purpose), as pointed on wicket's debian thread they have great SDK to build ARM packages. If something working can be shown to devuan maintainers, I hope that we can convince them to make devuan-fremantle a kind of devuan's tablet distro .

However, I would like to have you thoughts on the above - do you think it might work? Do you want to cooperate on that, even if it would mean you'll have to drop part of your work so far?
Never fear. I is here.

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