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This is my list. I won't add any modding tools. Just apps.

angry birds from ovi store is an awesome game.

camkeyd so that you can go to applications running view by pressing camera button half way.

Cellular Modem control buttons so you can turn phone options off if you're in a airplane for example.

eCoach is really nice if you enjoy doing outdoor walks. Takes in a lot of data about your route.

Eggtimer is ok if you often forget stuff in the oven for too long, easy to use.

Electric beams (free from ovi) is a pretty funny game, although it only shows 10 levels, but when you complete level 10 it'll give you level 11, but if you close the app you'll have to complete level 10 again.

fapn/fmms even though I think mms is old technology, a lot of people keep sending me mms all the time, so a must have for me.

Flashlight is a cool bit of kit when in the dark. you open cam cover and put flashlight on from taskbar.

gFTP for a graphical ftp client.

Hermes (awesome app) automatically gets pictures for your contacts. Great feature. Nokia should implement this in to their own systems. All credit to creator.

Petrovich to send items from your N900 by email or other services easily.

Pidgin protocols plugin for Conversations and Contacts, Awesome application as it lets you use MSN, ICQ, AIM and many others on your basic N900 messaging client! Also brings contacts from them to your phonebook, and you can merge them if you have duplicates.

rdesktop is an awesome bit of kit that allows you to connect to your computer and allowes you to have the power of a PC in your pocket. very useful.

wormux worms game. works ok, but not that good fps. but can play over network with someone else.

xploder is an ok game from ovi store.

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