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Okay, here's the story.

Was on the latest iteration of Sailfish on a Jolla Tablet. Decided to reset the device, refresh the install of Sailfish and call it a day.

Well, it didn't work as such. The tablet went all the way back to Eineheminlampi and then attempted to update to No problem so far.

Then the update downloaded next was for Saimaa It installed, rebooted then... nothing. It boots into the Jolla/Intel boot screen, the screen flashes and it doesn't go past that.

There's no way to SSH into the device - Developer Mode was not activated. I can enter recovery where it offers me to telnet into a Class A ( address but not sure how to reflash a stuck Jolla tablet.

Using macOS here mostly (10.12.3 Beta at the moment) but can pull up a Linux VM is need be.

Really stuck. Help?

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