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on Osmo's suggestion, I am going to fork WhoGo Maps and publish my work under a new map application. This is mainly due to the lack of Osmo's time to review all the changes and, as a consequence, to move forward with the map application development. This fork is planned to be permanent and maintained by me.

There is some ground work to be done for proper forking, including arrangement of new API access codes and making translation pages.

The big part that has to be done before release is in finding
  • new name
  • new icons

And here, with the new name and icon, I would like to ask for help. Please use this thread to suggest the name for new app. If needed, we can later make a poll in respect to it.

If you are good with icons, please make one. Its investment in time to make an icon, so warn others that you are on it.

The name of the app would be ideally reflecting its nature. I would like to keep options open in respect of the platform support. I think, while not trivial, its possible to port the current code to other Linux platforms (Nemo, Ubuntu Touch, desktop), so, maybe SFOS could be kept out of it. However, we can always refer to the roots as well. Think about unique features, maybe modularity of backends, how to stand out in the crowd.

As for timeline, I would like to get it all up and running by the end of this week. The new code is ready and tested over ~2K km drive. I may tweak few things, but otherwise, it should be OK. So, the release is mainly behind finding the name, icon, and some behind the scenes work.

Edit: just few screenshots are added
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