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Great idea taixzo, I'll be sure to check it out too

I'm not 100% sure from your first post, but has Saera actually been released? If not, it could be eligible to be entered into one of the 5 main categories in the coding competition which is due to start next week (Monday) onwards.. I think Saera could make a great candidate - apps like these usually do very well and we have a lot of N950s and N9s available as prizes.

However if it has been released we do have an "updates to existing applications" category, so if you do any major code changes or functional updates over the next 3 months I'd encourage you to enter Saera It doesn't cost anything to enter, and who knows maybe you'll win yourself a new device

So I'd definitely encourage you to check out the wiki and see if Saera qualifies
Thank you for that! I had not thought of submitting it, but as I haven't released it yet I will submit it to the competition.

FYI, your link points to the image rather than the page.

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