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Originally Posted by jonwil View Post
I think answers the question of "is there hardware that can use unapproved frequencies"
It also seems to answer why we (so far) can't find Atheros modules not hogging the CPU and thus suitable for embedded. AR9280 aiui comes with an embedded CPU to run parts of the firmware (other parts still run on APplication Environment CPU), but it's a USB chip and USB is sth you rally want to avoid by any means in embedded, if any possible.
Aso see "Notably not open sourced: MOBILE CHIP firmware (ath6kl)"

My take on all this: we're using a pre-certified type-approved WLAN module, so we don't need to worry about any of that. Let's hope I'm not mistaken. Also see "What _bad_ things can we do?" rational "...required for various COMPLIANCE tests" which means those modes must be there to even get FCC approval since without them the FCC cannot run their certification tests. I don't see this conflict getting solved any time soon. General lockdown of the complete "firmware" isn't an option either with many contemporary WIFI chips and general device designs. E.G Neo900 cannot lock down firmware, the CPU isn't even made to accomplish that (no HS SoC)

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