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Since I've had two independent enquiries recently, here is a brief rundown of how it usually works.

1. You send me money by PayPal (preferred) or international transfer.
2. Some money gets lost on the way as fees. I receive X.
3. I make a preorder at Goldelico and share the order details with you.
4. My credit card charges me foreign transaction fee since my currency is GBP and Goldelico's is EUR. The preorder sum plus this fee is Y.
5. Hopefully X minus Y is a small positive number which I issue back to you as a partial refund.

The parial refund is the reason why PayPal is preferred. I usually don't like them but they make refunds easy and do not charge for them - in fact, they also refund the adequate portion of their original fee. Doing a refund through an international money transfer is unrealistic: I am not going to pay 20 GBP for the privilege of sending 2 GBP. I may, however, keep it as a deposit for when the Neo is released and it's time to pay the remaining balance.

The whole process from the first contact to you receiving the partial refund takes about a week but may stretch to a few weeks in some extreme cases due to how banks, credit cards and PayPal work. I provide full transparency of all transactions along the way, so you can see how much I've received and how much I've paid. My current "clients" are welcome to testify if they so wish.
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