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Some device tree work has been mainlined within the last couple of years:

This commit seems to imply that the mainline kernel is actually bootable:

I think a good starting point would be to build a kernel from mainline and see if it boots on an N9 or N950. I would test it against either Nemo or Sailfish as it's more likely to be compatible with one of those rather than Harmattan. Of course you could also bootstrap a Debian system and try that.
This means good news!

I'll update my scripts to install Debian onto N950 to support N9 too. I'll push them for review here. If they're correct, I'll test it on my N950 and ask peterleinchen to do it on his N9.

But, which config will we use for building mainline kernel for the N9/N950? Maybe we could copy the config from the 3.5.3?

But, what about kbd on N9 & Debian?

Added post #5 to bibliography. Besides, I'd love to read some good introduction to DeviceTree. As for know I know that it exists.

I have another idea to boost this project: a donation pool. Those who can't help directly could pledge a donation for this project. It would be disposed when the project succeeds. But I have several apprehensions:
1. Won't this deprive us of any possible helping hands?
2. Who should be eligible to get a part of the donations?

I created a template but not pushing anything to the public yet.
If you want to support my work, you can donate by PayPal or Flattr

Projects no longer actively developed: here

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