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Originally Posted by filip.pz View Post
I'm unsure what can be used to debug this kind of behaviour apart from using working serial console.
That's the usual way to go. Having said that, Fremantle (and I think Harmattan too) provides a mechanism for logging kernel messages to one of the mtd partitions on the NAND flash. I haven't looked into how this works but it might be possible to use this to log the kernel messages during boot up in order to debug the boot process without a serial console.

Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
Well, I haven't build anything yet. I was waiting for some replies about the config to use. (see #13).
Unless Filip has a better suggestion, I would just take the config file from 3.5.3 as you suggested. The config options have changed since then but it should serve as a starting point. When you build the kernel it will prompt you set any new options.

Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
I still don't know how to enable building the .dts and .dtsi to .dtb, though.
The N900 DT Compilation instructions should help you with that.
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