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Thanks ! yes, I forgot to include my Maemo version:

OS2008 Diablo: 5.2008.43-7 which, at the moment of writing this is the most current one. !

Still, the behavior I described...well.. happens. ...

Being "poweroff" unsupported by Nokia seems really interesting, if not strange.... anyone knows the reasons behind this ? Side effects?

I mean, the general perception is for the Tablets to be "on" all the time, right? How to accomplish that without soft-poweroff.... ? (with a long standby time... that is!)

Kind regards.

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Soft poweroff is fixed in the latest diablo version (not sure from what version it has been fixed since) and you can edit /etc/mce.ini to control whether it switches off wifi when going into soft poweroff.

But be aware, that soft poweroff is unsupported in the N8x0 and was disabled for a reason by Nokia.

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