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unbelievable.... are u based/working in the middle of sahara and fly to cairo once a month??

that is really infrequent man....
Ok, maybe more like 2 per week then - and I was only talking about received calls ... I do make quite a few outgoing calls on my mobile (cos I have the bundled minutes+skype) but I generally make them from home much more than while out & about.

I don't work any more (other than a very small residual consultancy/support gig which is dealt with almost exclusively by email/remote access), and all my friends are either very local (so I see them without the need to call other than in exceptional cases) or far enough away that email/text/social media tend to be the usual way I stay in touch.

I know my calling profile is abnormal - but I'm basically borderline phobic about unneccessary phone conversation, life's too short :-)
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