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Sidenote to this post:
Some time ago I saw justmemory's desktop and his own-made stuff on it on a hungarian N900 forum.
So I've got buzzed that maybe, just maybe it's possible to me to reduce my desktops number from two to just one with his help.
I need a nameday applet, Foreca Weather, and my calendar events display, so I need 2 desks now.
Then we agreed on that that it's would be nice if we can put some custom info from the mentioned apps to the place of the operator's name's place.
With operator name widget, I made the following image of what I'm needed.

So my question to Linux pros is this.
Is it possible to:
- place manualupdate weather info
- place autoupdate number of closing events from calendar
- place autoupdate nameday info
to the place of the operator's name?
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