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I'll try reinstall. I had 2 nexus 4 one of which always had the same issue with mac changing on every reboot. I was not able to fix it.
When it changes mac address it always asks for my WiFi password and it adds second time my wifi, then third time and so on. I think this issues are related to each other. Becaus my second nexus 4 did not change mac address and did not ask wifi password on every reboot.

I disabled bluetooth with these commands.

systemctl stop bluetooth.service
systemctl stop hciattach.service
systemctl mask bluetooth.service
systemctl mask hciattach.service

mcetool gives
uptime: 14713.785
suspend_time: 0.000

i am not sure how to use systemdatascope to find out which process is preventing device from sleep. could you help me with that?
SystemDataScope doesn't allow you to find which process is blocking the sleep. I haven't written such functionality for collectd => no stats to show. Its probably possible, but would require significant effort to do it.

You would have to follow wakelocks and see which wakelock(s) persist. In N4, wakelocks are described in /proc/wakelocks . On newer devices, it was somewhere else.

Its a while when I have been looking into it, so I can give you general pointers with you filling in the blanks. I would suggest to start searching wakelocks and android, ignore most of xda stating that this wakelock was bad, and just finding out which it is in your case. If its MCE (or similar), it comes from SFOS with some of the programs preventing sleep and not releasing the handle.

Good luck!

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