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So I tried it again tonight, and while it had the correct times, the routing was all wrong. It wanted me to take a route that would add 30 minutes to my journey. I don't think it realizes that that you can walk from the Fern Rock train station to the bus terminal with ease (its like maybe 500 feet) so it instead opts to have you stay on the train for a longer transfer.

If you wanna try it yourself, the route I took was Ambler train station to Bustleton and, let's say Haldeman. The time was 9:00 PM. If you try it in google Maps you'll see it transfer from Fern Rock TC to route 70. Nokia public transit doesn't see that.

EDIT: Just checked Nokia's desktop maps site, and it confirmed my suspicion: ... FYI, you can NOT go East from the Fern Rock train station, you can ONLY go west onto Nedro Ave. I don't know if this is a public transit issue or a general mapping issue (and thus probably not related to the NPT team), but I figured I'd pass it along.

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