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i have just uploaded kodi to openrepos. You can download and install both on phones or the jolla tablet.

Thanks to Blueslee and Schturman for testing it. Also thanks to Schturman for letting me use his icon.

If there are any bugs or improvements i can work on please let me know. I hope it is useful.

Let us use this thread to collect issues and improve it.

If there is anything i can help with, just let me know.

code: (based on the fork of Max Kellerman with wayland support)

Known Issues:
* A mouse cursor shows up in the top left corner. You can disable it by disabling touch and mouse input in Settings (Touch input will still work).
* Please always close via the GUI option to close kodi. Otherwise kodi will hang and therefore be unable to start up for a while (seconds).
* The estuary skin can be hard to navigate, switch to the estouchy or other touch skin.
* Scrolling is somewhat broken, use the slider to scroll
* LiveTV requires an additional PVR addon. You can find it below.

Additional Addons:
PVR IPTV Simple:


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