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Thank you, liar, this is an amazing work. I lost my hope for a Wayland port after the main developer team dropped the Wayland bits few months ago, so this looks like a miracle.

It's smooth and Estuary/Estouchy work like a charm.

I just found three issues:
  • Lists longer than two pages (both folders and dialogs) are almost impossible to navigate, as scrolling down (up) always jump to the bottom (top) of the list and the items between cannot be selected. Not sure how to fix this, but it looks like a major issue. Reproducable with mouse/touch input turned both off and on and with both default skins.
  • The screen dimms and then turns off after few minutes of playing a video. Maybe this can be fixed with some setting, but it is quite annoying.
  • The app does not report the orientation correctly, therefore the system gestures are rotated. Just a minor issue, nothing crucial.

Other than that, it's really nice, works much better than the Android version and most importantly keeps playing when minimized (even on the cover), so even if you don't manage to fix the aforementioned issues, it's still a huge step forward for SailfishOS ecosystem (and it instantly obsoletes few of my SailfishOS projects where I tried to implement some useful Kodi addons in Qt/QML ).

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