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What makes you think the obsolescence was planned?
I'd say all the blobs that keep us from moving to a random modern GNU/Linux distro
I should have known. The same old ideological arguments.

I don't buy it. The word "planned" implies an intention. You know, planning. As in, "we will keep it updated for exactly 2 years and 7 months, then stop".

If you want to accuse Nokia of planning the N900's obsolescence then you must prove the intention. For all we know, they may have planned to support it for decades to come, but unforeseen circumstances prevented them from doing so. In such a scenario, proprietary components make no difference.

Or, to flip it around, everything under the sun must have a "planned obsolescence" in your world because the maker will stop supporting it at some point. But that does not necessarily imply planning. In most cases it is simply that the world has moved on and it makes little sense for the maker to support an old product.
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