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I think it would be better to stick to one distribution, so long as it doesn't impede performance of either device. I'm thinking if one device can get better performance using a specific compiler option for a specific package or have a feature disabled on N900 due to lack of memory.

Hardware specific packages should be pretty straight forward, using metapackages. Been trying to work out how to word my suggestion but got in a mess with package this and package that. Decided it was easier to illustrate.

  • provides: hw-adaptation
  • depends: N900 specifics, using >= version

  • provides: hw-adaptation
  • depends: Neo900 specifics, using >= version

Obviously, this may need some modification to existing packages on N900.

microb (and related) wise, maybe see where Alopex is heading. I think we would need to do something even if it is just to increase security and compatibility.

Finally, I would like to see the Facebook rtcom plugin stay.

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