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Thanks for the quick and helpful replies guys.

The reason why I believed that the N900 would be a good candidate for this is that its already a linux device.

As I put this link here:

I've been able to make use of a very old laptop (around 15 years old) with a broken screen. I installed a Linux onto it and then used it's bridging ability to bridge its wifi connection to its LAN connection, then connected it to the router's WAN connection.
So, yes, I understand that my router sadly does not have the ability (on stock firmware) to hook up a USB and use it as a 3g tether device, I was thinking that like how that guy turned hooked up his 3g phone through usb tether to a 15 year old linux laptop, and then connected the ethernet from that laptop to the WAN port of the router, he got the router to believe it was connected to a modem.

3g device----> linux laptop-----> wan port of router (through ethernet)

What I'm trying is:

Nokia N900 (using micro usb to ethernet cable) -------> WAN port of router

I basically want the N900 to behave nothing but a dsl modem to the router. The post i quoted had a person using a linux laptop in that fashion.

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