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Typically the devices I deal with would have embedded linux, the only (documented) way to install anything would be to telnet in first!
But even if it had multiple quad core Xeon and all the disk space in the world, I wouldn't be installing non-standard stuff on client hardware without a *very* good reason!

This is all a bit off the point though - telnet is in widespread use in a lot of low power / low end devices and for me the important bit about a linux based phone is not that it's linux or that some portion of it is open source, it's that it should be more useful than a regular consumer device. It seems a shame that because of the architecture I can't install typical linux tools without breaking the update process in some vaguely specified way that I don't understand well enough to risk.

For all the advantage the typical owners sees at the moment from a Ubuntu Touch device, they might as well just use an Android device with a custom colour scheme on the home screen

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