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Sadly yes.

...People are not geeks, we are the geeks. We live in a world of consumers where people ask “what can this thing do for me” and not “what can I make this do?”.
You are so very correct,

there does exist a very real and not so very small
linux power-user market segment.

And we might rephrase your observations:
(google also "CODE 53")

“Did you sell it to us or is this just a trick to get your hands in my pockets ?”
With Ubuntu I have some serious doubts.
They have an agenda that orbits around a very 'top-down' attitude.

I just checked Handaxe's comment about the email client,
(after deleting it months ago I reinstalled it to see,
now - ver 6 on OTA-9 on BQ's E5 )
and DEKKO remains a 25MB! steaming pile of rancid swine tripe filler.
23 MB of that is a copy and pasted binary,
managed by a swarm of qml statements
(you can, redeemingly, see the source code on github)
claws-mail (apt-get installed) is only 2631276 bytes. go figure

And with the way it is being developed Dekko will remain such
until hell itself freezes over permanently.
The latest version fixes dozens of lipstick issues and
leaves the configuration multi-fail abortion in purgatory.
This app should be a textbook example of top-down fail.
How they keep the Dekko name is a mystery. looks to be selling email clients as well
and I would anticipate some friction there if they are not joined at the hip.
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Printing your Email with the N900

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