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I appologize and please forgive me for repeating this thread but I accidently posted this in the 2006 OS forum sorry! I am now posting it in the correct 2005 OS forum - so sorry for the double post.

Is anyone else having the following issues with the new OS? I took someone's suggestion and reflashed the 770 but it still does the same thing. Everything seems to work it just acts funny on boot up.

1 - When turning on the 770 (booting up) it seems the progress bar gets about 1/8 of the way then resets (the screen blinks) and starts at zero again. It then gets to about a 1/3 of the way and stops (but the 770 looks like it is continuing to boot up) then a few seconds later the home screen appears.
2 - On a couple of occasions I have had 770 reboot immediately after the initial booting process completes and getting to the home page.



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