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I find that extremely unlikely. If you look around everywhere, providers[1] always do whatever is convenient for them, not the consumers[2].

[1] For whatever definition of "provider", from the manufacturers of tangible goods like cars, phones or TVs to software producers to social services providers to entertainment producers to news providers to governments...

[2] Screw consumers.
I know. But it doesn't hurt to hope and dream from time to time. In my ideal world the manufacturer should concentrate only on the hardware and document it as much as possible and let the software to others (communities like for OpenELEC[*]). I know it's not possible in this world that's why I said my ideal world.

* I got to the conclusion that I almost always prefer to use open source software than closed one. First for the quality of the software and second by philosophy (even if I am not a coder and I can't understand a source code)

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