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Probably too late and maybe not that useful, I found that Qt has a dedicated C++ class to handle the "panning, flicking and pinch-to-zoom" gestures in their map object :

It is said to be available since QtLocation 5.0, but the minimal include is related to a 5.3 version (so maybe not available on Sailfish with its 5.2 QtLocation...).

Anyway, the code can be looked at here for the latest Qt5.9 and seems not that easy :

For older version, the path was a bit different :

Maybe some ideas in that code can help you...
Hi! I looked into it earlier and it was rather dependent on qtlocation implementation, hence my interest in pure QML solution. I hope we can get it working with QML and would avoid decoupling qquickgeomapgesturearea.cpp from the rest of qtlocation code.

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