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Just a few things:
  • Neo900 project never promised to release the project files (in opposite to complete schematics, which were promised right at the beginning), but this is a considered possibility. It's still yet to evaluate if it's feasible or even wanted by all parties involved (because it could mean for instance releasing some internal GDC assets), and while odds are high that it might happen, we simply won't promise it until we're sure that it will happen. Still, it's worth noting that, as far as I remember, what we already promised is already more than Openmoko ever did.
  • you're using a quite definitive tone like "pre-orderers will lose", while we're still working on evaluating some ideas that could fix this problem. Please, give us some time.
  • while you're right that I started my "PR work" pretty much in promptu, it has changed recently and I've been actually in the center of discussions that led to Nikolaus' announcement. That was me who was exchanging mails with him, not Joerg. Also, my reporting here is not based on "I was talking with Joerg on priv IRC chat and he told me that..." anymore. I've already given some pretty detailed information about what happened (and I truly and sincerely believe that what I skipped are just not important details that don't add anything to the story), Joerg added some comments as well and everything matched exactly with what I saw happening. But you seem to assume that there's still something hidden behind it...
  • I know it's not a great argument against the critique, but calling someone responsible for most of Openmoko's openness "the guy that doesn't get the Free world" seems to me a bit off :P

Feel free to ask for some more details, but be prepared to hear what already has been told before. Maybe there is something that we missed and didn't tell anyone, but at least from my POV this project is really amazingly transparent and I suppose this is one of the most important things that made it so successful in this community - so obviously we wouldn't want to lose or even risk that. All this refunds hassle is already some kind of shame for us, as its directly related to our mistakes from the past and we're really sorry for that - we worked hard past months to avoid that, and at some moments even celebrated success, but finally it turned out that we failed.
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