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Originally Posted by theonelaw View Post
in a bullet list format,
remains to be done ?
Thanks for that! I pondered how to start / answer since gerbick asked "so how can we help?". Obviously first and only point I may provide right away is:
  • make a list of todo items
so community knows what to search for and help with

now trying to accomplish this point and hoping for your help by e.g. adding points I missed, implementing better platform for cooperative work on editing it, add details to particular points etc:

hw production (marked "*" are items that are not blocked until completion of previous item and thus could (partially) run concurrently)
  1. finish layout of proto_v2 (metacollin)
  2. assemble a maybe 5 proto_v2 devices and marry them with BeagleBoard_xM (metacollin)
  3. deploy proto_v2 devices to sw devels, make maemo-devuan run on them
  4. create a video of a proto_v2 running maemo
  5. (*) prepare and start "kickstarter" campaign to reach number_of_preorders threshold needed and to refill funds
  6. * integrate BeagleBoard_xM "brainboard" (CPU, PMIC, RAM, storage, display) with proto_v2 on schematics and layout level for final design (metacollin)
  7. produce and deploy a dozen proto_three release candidate devices to testers for verification (same facilities as for proto_v2, metacollin)
  8. * source N900 (or "mech part" sets incl display) for the new orders from kickstarter
  9. (*) source all non-standard components
  10. have a factory assemble the boards
  11. have another service assemble and QA-test devices ("marry" boards with case/mechparts)
  12. (*) organize shipping worldwide (much more involved than it may sound)
  13. set up a sustainable entity taking care about warranty and repair
  14. start STEP2

adding a 2nd list which is like concurrent and complementary to the 1st one above

more generic related tasks mostly fine for community contribution
  • get the already existing BeagleBoard_xM "brainboards" out to the sw devels so they can start "porting"/testing Maemo-Devuan, Debian, Gentoo, whatever you like on them. Those BB_xM differ from Neo900 only in kbd driver, display resolution and a few other minor details, they are absolutely perfect devel-boards. modem can get plugged in to USB on those, audio is a tad of a problem since it differs a bit.
  • create frequent updates on website
  • create/install a wikiwiki on servers for a better community-driven todo and specs page etc
  • server maintenance
  • spread the word, find more supporters
  • find donors/entities/programs who substantially support (or help with finding support) the project with funding and/or resources
  • approach FSF to finally sort out the RYF issue and have them *officially* support the project
  • Los Alamos residents visit (Meta)Collin Anderson and make sure he's well
  • maybe coordinate a meeting of developers, invite interested (and interesting) new individuals to introduce the project to them
  • [to be continued]

I'll frequently edit this post to add more flesh to this barebones list, until somebody comes up with a better method to do this urgently needed planning. for contributing please answer with edited fullquote so I simply can copy that fullquote over the original text - if you want to add comments not to get included in this post via editing, please use a 2nd post for them so I may delete your "edit job" posts after processing them

cheers jOERG

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