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more generic related tasks mostly fine for community contribution
  • get the already existing BeagleBoard_xM "brainboards" out to the sw devels so they can start "porting"/testing Maemo-Devuan, Debian, Gentoo, whatever you like on them. Those BB_xM differ from Neo900 only in kbd driver, display resolution and a few other minor details, they are absolutely perfect devel-boards. modem can get plugged in to USB on those, audio is a tad of a problem since it differs a bit.
  • ...
  • approach FSF to finally sort out the RYF issue and have them *officially* support the project
  • ...
Comments: cannot FSF provide RYF certification for BeagleBoard_xM "brainboards"? Unlike Neo900 boards, they don't have cellular modem to argue about, correct? Or is the PowerVR graphics processor preventing RYF certification?

Thank you. Best wishes.
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