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Edit: 4/26
Just upload another version, 99TV4ITc.m3u.txt, which included all ch8xy's suggestions and mms://, plus some improvements in arrangement.
Arrangement is essentially the same as explained in previous version, sorted by languages, then follow with News, movies, MTV. Among each category, it is arranged alphabetically. Now I have put those stream well, better video quality stuff at the beginning. So, one would expect quality goes down as one stroll down each subcategory. For example, under Eng, the beginning close to 30 TVs are all stream well and good video quality. The higher up in the subheading, eg. Eng, French, Russian, the better the video quality. Quality measures only video/streaming quality only, content is NOT measured.

Edit: Now you can see the names of the TV channels, 99TV4IT8d.m3u.txt has the same TV channels as 99TV4IT8c.m3u.txt, but with a description of the TV channels. You click the mms:// to play the station, NOT the TV descripton. If this is too confusing, then just use the 99TV4IT8c.m3u.txt, which does NOT have the channel descriptions. Please let me know which is a more user friendly version, thanks.



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