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Hi bunanson,

I went through your last -d.m3u file and checked all streams
with mplayer.

I made some changes:

- Skynews Australia removed (it is one static clip)
- CBS 19: removed the extra auth line, stream doesn't need it
- bbc looknorth had wrong url, corrected url and name (oficial name is? BBC Look North) new url :
- I removed the homepage part because it confused mplayer osd list of channel names
(mplayer didn't allways show any part of the stream name and showed just an empty line)
- E!Online crashes mplayer, removed the entry, besides it is web page, not streaming channel
- Eurosport and fox8 lines were together (one line), Eurosport doesnt work, removed it
- PBS Nature and PBS NOVA removed, static clips, although intresting
- RathergoodTV Mediaplayer: video resolution not supported (720 x 410) removed
- RussiaToday: cannot play file, working new url is mms://
(mplayer plays much better that stream than Media player)
- GalaxyCartoon doesn't work, removed
- TorontoTV stream not found, removed
- iFilmTV removed, shows just logo / intro part and doesn't continue
- jctv corrected url
- eaTV, Classic FM Music TV, E-Music, UK, Opus Classical Music, UK Rapture TV, UK didn't work, removed
- RTV Channel, Netherlands doesnt work "well" (because of bandwidht? - 1 Mbs) removed
- HKATV: mplayer: not found anymore (year month day ? part of a stream?), removed
- Chinese CCTV Music, cannot play, removed
- Chinese CCTV-5 (sports), cannot play, removed
- IndonesiaTV : buffering, doesn't play, removed
- TMF Pure, Netherlands, doesn't play, removed
- TROS, Netherlands: too slow screen update (high bandwidth/resolution), removed
- ARD doesn't play, removed
- Deluxe Music TV, Germany and Tunespoon, Germany doesn't play, removed
- Deejay TV, Italy : cannot access, removed
- QOOB TV, Italy : too unresponsive (640 x 480 1,11 Mbps), removed
- RTL 102.5 TV, Italy doesn't play, removed
- Interia TV, Poland removed, sound works, video doesn't
(Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile - perhaps the reason?)
-RMF Maxxx TV, Poland doesn't play, removed

Spanish CNN Spain wrong language (Russia), moved to Spanish group (audio only)
- Lagoinha, Brazil doesn't play, removed
- CMTV, Argentina doesn't play, removed (although works with win xp Media player )
- TV ROCK HC!, Brazil doesn't play, removed
- Tv Uniao, Brazil and Teletaxi TV, Spain doesn't play, removed
- 2 had the same url as NOS Journaal24, removed
- Banivision removed (entry had 3 lines), didn't play, removed
- Ivorian TV, Ivory Coast and U TV, Romania didn't play, removed

When I said that it didn't play I mean that the stream didn't
usally start at all (tried the same stream with N800 mplayer
and Win XP Media player at least twice and different days)


Concerning CH8XY's latest additions
- Reelgood TV doesn't work, removed
- WSM Movies has the same url as WSTV movies (previously added)
- which one is the correct name?
- Mezz TV and MTV Brand New added previously (duplicates)
- Wrestler Koco and [Sport] Combat TV have the same url (previously added)
just with different protocol (leaved the mms protocol)

VPRO and CBC Sport played well and were very welcomed additions.
(As you can see i didn't butcher all the streams).
It might well be that the streams i removed plays in the future without
any change (many reasons for that) but I wanted to leave just the
(now) more or less working streams.
Please try those streams I removed and tell it they start to work
again (might be geographical location question too).

I also added some streams I tested with mplayer (next post).

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