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I agreed with everything you said. BTW, I cheated. Big time cheating. I tested all my last post, -d.m3u.txt, with eeePC. They are more closer to the tablet than the PC and can pick up a lot more. For example, the GlobeTrecker was readily picked up on the eeePC I then hold on to it for a couple of day, now it showed regularly on the tablet.


BTW, how do you like my VC 72 channels?


I can't cheat because I don't have eeePC! That is so unfair. I am now
quite busy with my normal life and can't use much my N800 or check
your VC channels until after this torsday. After that I promise to
look your VC channel collection. I also intend to add some more links
to your -d-list when I have some free time.

Thanks for your continuing streaming support.

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