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Good to hear on the webstore progress and the updates in general. Only after reading the feasibility study did I start getting a good idea about exactly how complicated this project is.

I have a couple of questions (apologies if it's the wrong forum, so to speak):

a) Did you look at having an issue tracker to track progress (so that people can get status updates without you having to rewrite the whole thing again in a forum) - Github issues comes to mind as a first suggestion

b) What can (technical-minded) supporters do to help the project currently? The GTA04 just got the 4.0 kernel (on twitter) so I'm guessing mainlining peripherals etc. is not an issue?

c) Was there a poll somewhere about what distro people wanted on the Neo900? I am particularly interested in Ubuntu Touch (and yes, I saw there is now a mailing list for that too).

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