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Hi all,

some of you will still know me, I left TMO 1,5 years ago when I bought an android phone and sold my N900.

Though I've had much fun in the Android world in the past 18 months, rooted and tested lots of ROMs on a handful devices, I've come to the conclusion that I miss being free from privacy problems and restrictions, be it Google or anybody else. Plus I'm stumbling over some serious usability bugs with Android and I'd really like to experience real multi tasking again like with the N900 some time ago. Since I also have much trouble with my beloved Galaxy S3 (wifi and stability problems), today I decided to order a used N9 16GB in blue and honestly I can't wait for it to arrive

I hope that I manage the transfer to this new old world, of course I know the both devices are more than different

So my question is: can you recommend me some must have programs for the N9?

Thank you in advance


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