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I have been N900 user for a month now. I'm quite surprised that the phone doesn't feel like being that old. I mean, that it still has the features I need. Except one: the battery life (which has been a problem since the phone was published).

I bought a fairly little used N900, which has it's original(?) battery still in fairly good shape. The phone thinks that the battery's whole capacity is about 1280mAh, and when the phone thinks that the battery is fully charged, it is actually 94% (about 1200mAh). I guess this is normal wearing of the battery?

However, I bought two "new" (which I guess means not new, but unused) genuine Nokia batteries from internet, and this charger

For both of those "new" batteries, the phone thinks their whole capacity is only 865mAh, and "fully charged" means 680mAh (77%). However, those new batteries last approximately as long as the original one (10-16h in normal use). When fully charged, the battery level stays in 77% for first 10 hours, and then drops very fast to zero. So I think that the capacity of those new batteries is wrong. It should be bigger, roughly the same than the original one. But using them is pretty difficult, because it is hard to know when the battery is empty. That spare battery charger also thinks that the batteries fully charged by the phone really are full. So the problem really is that the phone fails in recognizing the battery capacity. Which I think is odd because those batteries are genuine and should have the same capacity as the original one. Is there any way to investigate this? Or to calibrate the phone for those batteries?

I actually did some searching for N900 batteries, BME and such, but there is pretty much information and I fail on finding answers on these questions.

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