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@pichlo: one man's "lighten it up" is another man's "antagonizing annoyance" particularly when the content isn't exactly improving the mood of anybody or providing any info, and 3 posts from same author in sequence (with several deleted onces in between) is not exactly considered good style either particularly when you're moderator of a thread where that happens.
Please note that my post referred to the gif posts only and NOT to any concern - others gave a perfect answer already, many thanks for that. I can assure you threre's nobody more angry and unhappy about the long time this whole project takes than me, I'd for sure prefer to do a nice stressless job in industry and earn 5 to 10 times as much as I do with this project that I never meant to run as the only responsible person.


edit: on a mini sidenote: our git has been inproved and fixed again, and now Ahycka and Ceene can push too - sorry for the 6 days "downtime":

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