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@itsnotabigtruck thankyou for taking the time to write this up
In your opinion is this safer than using some other application based flashing utility?
Do you know if NSU will allow me to use pre-downloaded files?
Whats the difference between nokia care and prod external in navifirm? (do you use + or regular navifirm?)
The reason i ask - i miyself have a N8-00 and my wife has the better phone - N9-00
She's currently where the internet is painfully slow - or non-existent.
I had thought of pre-downloading the firmware files and then flashing at my leisure (yea right)
So - right now - she is at PR1.0 - and now that 1.2 has come out - i need to update her twice - which means i need to risk the flashing twice...
Also - where do the files to be flashed need to be located? same folder as flasher?
And since i have your attention - if for some reason the internet is working well when i start an OTA instead- and the internet disappears mid download - will it hurt the phone or will i just need to start again when the internet returns?

Thanks in advance!
Production External is what NSU uses to download firmware images; Nokia Care Suite is similar but has more files, including the eMMC content images.

You can indeed use NAVIFIRM to pre-download the firmware images - that's how I originally upgraded to PR1.1. Note that you need to download all the files listed under Production External for your phone's exact product code, then copy them into the right place. I don't remember off-hand exactly where the "right place" is, but it's some hidden directory somewhere.

The updater on the phone downloads everything before beginning the OS upgrade, so you don't need to worry about connection dropouts. However, it's a little buggy, and I had to reboot the phone in order to begin the download again after getting stuck.

Edit: Drop the files in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Nokia\NSU3\NOSSU 2\variants\Products\rm-696

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