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Production External is what NSU uses to download firmware images; Nokia Care Suite is similar but has more files, including the eMMC content images.

You can indeed use NAVIFIRM to pre-download the firmware images - that's how I originally upgraded to PR1.1. Note that you need to download all the files listed under Production External for your phone's exact product code, then copy them into the right place. I don't remember off-hand exactly where the "right place" is, but it's some hidden directory somewhere.

The updater on the phone downloads everything before beginning the OS upgrade, so you don't need to worry about connection dropouts. However, it's a little buggy, and I had to reboot the phone in order to begin the download again after getting stuck.

Edit: Drop the files in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Nokia\NSU3\NOSSU 2\variants\Products\rm-696
that is certainly obscure!
that is the location for Winflasher, correct?