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Originally Posted by jacktanner View Post
Regarding OpenGLES implementation from SGX:

Even if it's closed source, is it licensed in such a way that allows its redistribution as part of community-supported MeeGo releases?

What are its dependencies, and how will the community be able to carry this binary blob forward, maintaining compatibility with the evolving platform?
There's Nokians participating in this team and they can provide these things through a repository. Keep in mind that Nokia didn't say 'we aren't putting resources towards the MeeGo on N900 hardware adaptation team'. It isn't just community, it's MeeGo project doing this. Which, as you can remember, has Intel and Nokia as backers.

They said 'no commercial support', which is meant as no, you can't call Nokia Care about your problems with it and it isn't a Nokia product. That the adaptation will technically work quite well, is another thing..
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