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Try something like:
That's what I said,

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convert temperatureHighLabel.text to a number and work with that.

I would go a step further and use the HSL colour scheme. Equate the temperature range to the range 0-1, with guards to prevent a wraparound if temperature goes higher or lower.

Something like this, totally untested but hopefully should give you an idea:
Rectangle {
    id: colorTemperature
    width: 100; height: 140
    radius: 12
    property int tempMin: -20
    property int tempMax: 40
    property int temperatureInt: {
        return max(tempMin, min(tempMax, parseInt(temperatureHighLabel.text)));
    property real scale: 0.9
    anchors.centerIn: temperatureHighLabel
    color: Qt.hsla((scale * (tempMax - temperatureInt)) / (tempMax - tempMin),
                   1,  // full saturation, feel free to experiment
                   1,  // full lightness, feel free to experiment
                   1); // no transparency, feel free to experiment
What's the point of 'scale'? The colours go the full circle, i.e. 1 is the same colour as 0, i.e. red. Purple is somewhere around 0.8 or 0.9. So I am mapping the maximum temperature to 0 (red) and minimum to 'scale' instead of 1.
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