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Originally Posted by youmeego View Post
If possible, attach a strong enough kickstand to it.
Ah, that would be nice, but would get in the way of a reversible sliding cover. (Unless you somehow set up the kickstand on the reversible cover itself...)

I think it'd be better to choose either a front-cover or a kickstand, rather than both at once.

EDIT: Unless we're talking a one-piece reversible cover here; I was thinking a two-piece cover, one for the back side (that stays on all the time), and another for the front side, that slides off when you want to use the tablet...

EDIT2: Yeah, actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Dirkvl is describing a single structure that slides onto the tablet in either direction. In any case, I'm pretty terrible with hardware of any sort, so I will sit down and be quiet for a while here.

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