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Originally Posted by flareup View Post
this guy is ruining this forum.

I like the open self-regulating approach, but I for one wold be more than happy to see him banned as it is patently obvious that he's the same person as sapporobaby etc and is just making this place into a laughing stock.
It is unfounded accusations such as yours that are making this place into a laughing stock. As Reggie to post the IP addresses and see who is whom. For the most part I have stayed above this fray and read info where I needed it because I intend to purchase an IT when a better product than the N800 comes out, however, I have seen my name thrown about by the so-called "in the know" crowd. I consider this a personal attack and will point your very post to Reggie and see if he takes action against you. You can be the first test case. How is that for an accusation?
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