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So just to clarify (because I recently was attempting to get the HarmChom scripts to work), Inception with PR1.3 now uses ariadne sh and that breaks even this newer packaged version?
See the FAQ : opensh is still compatible with Inception 0.2.x. ariadne is recommended by itsnotabigtruck because it is more secure by asking root password to avoid some malware software to take control of your N9/N950. So be careful when installing some unknown .deb package. Anyway, I've no such issue with my N810, N900 and N9 in the last 3 years.

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The ability to run Gimp on the N900 was awesome. This is the best thing ever for phones though, portable Debian is a dream come true!
But it is not comfortable to use GIMP with the N9/N950 capacitive touch screen.
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