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I compared videos from tablet-encode script vs Internet Tablet video Converter for the Mac. The results were obvious; Nokia software is CRAP, video quality was worst than poor. tablet-encode script do a LOT BETTER job transcoding videos. With Nokia software I just get videos wth a LOT of artifacts and washed video.

Mmmmm.....nothing like getting warm fuzzies from community members

We've created a tool to support end users who want a one step solution for video conversion and who may not be savvy enough to use a tool like tablet-encode (which is a kick-*** tool btw). You may not realize it, but for (mostly) legal reasons we can't just use the same video conversion codecs that most Open Source tools use (such as mencoder -- which is what tablet-encode uses). Within those constraints we try to make the best solution possible. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes, not so much. In either case, that's why this software is delivered as beta, so we can get valuable feedback from our users.

I'm glad to hear your feedback but - for future reference - most people (myself included) tend to block out rants when they offer nothing constructive in the criticism.
My insane ramblings are exactly that -- mine. Just because I work at Nokia doesn't mean I speak for the company.

Check out the Nokia Internet Tablet Video Converter:

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