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That's good, because it's descriptive of what it does. Otherwise, you'd have to know what Saera or Siri or Ultra Hal did already to know if it was the solution to something you're looking for.

Does Saera require prefacing a command with the name "Saera"? I can see the advantage to a voice recognition device that must have its commands prefaced with its name, but also an issue with any voice recognition device that didn't allow the user to change the name. Prefacing a command with a name would be useful in busy environments, & being able to change the name would fix problems in environments for instance where you were talking with someone named "Sarah".
You don't need to prefix things with "Saera"; however, Pocketsphinx does recognize "sarah" (occasionally) whereas "maemo" is (a) not in the wordlist and (b) more OS-specific. I may or may not change the name later but for now I am just working on the functionality, so I will just leave it as it is.

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