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Well, if you can look at the source and make a list of translations of all the strings, that would be a big help. Once I have that I'll add a settings page to allow you to change your language.
I just checked the source files.

Since I cannot develop, I do not know if I change some words in the wrong place I will break the functionality.

Would not be a good approach to extract all the words and phrases that need translation to a separate file? In this way, only that file should be touched and nothing can go wrong.

If you think this is complicated or just not viable, please tell me if, for instance, I have to translate 'remind me' in:

elif input.startswith('remind me '):
And what about:

result = result.replace("I am.","Ay am.")
This makes no sense in Spanish.

I will wait for your answer before starting to 'play' with the source.

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