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short update:

1GB RAM PoP chips: those arrived as expected. unboxing footage:
(150 of the 650 are for another project) Also see for more details about those chips. Note that those chips are an early risk-component sourcing which been done from funds that were not assigned for that purpose. That's the idea behind the down payments. The notorious "window" closed already as much as only allowing 500 1GB devices for now. I can't afford sourcing more of them chips right now. It's unclear if I could source more when e.g. preorders and downpayments explode to a 1000. Likelihood that it's possible to source more is higher now than in 6 months. Also it took quite a long time to find that chip source, finding another one - even when maybe possible - would probably also take months.

partial payments: since bank transfer payment checking is a manual process anyway, there's probably nothing particularly difficult in splitting up payment for your order into several payments, as long as you note the original subject as mentioned in invoice and you also note "partial payment". It simply means I need to do more works on administration/accounting. For you it means you have multiple bank fees.
Haven't looked into PayPal yet, I know we forward to PayPal with the amount due and that can't get changed. Will do further investigation what can get done. When you have a plan please holler and ask if it's feasible on our side. Hint: the old "Donation" paypal with free choice of amount should still work. Again, please check back before using it!

And please everybody keep in mind: we're in test mode in webshop, having sent out only a 20 voucher codes so far (of 420), and we hope the shop will not see massive "invasion" by generic customers yet ;-) That's why we didn't publish the URL yet, we will do so at end of this week when all vouchers are sent. Thanks for your patience.


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