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GPXSee is a Qt-based GPS log file viewer and analyzer that supports GPX, TCX, KML, FIT, IGC and NMEA files.
  • User-definable map sources.
  • Elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature graphs.
  • Support for multiple tracks in one view.
  • Support for POI files.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Full-screen mode.

To load user defined map source tiles you need to create a maps.txt in "/home/user/.gpxsee"
or versions >=5.6 a mapname.xml in "/home/user/.gpxsee/maps.
When you downloading many tiles take care of your free memory maybe make a symlink ln -s /home/user/MyDocs/maps/tiles home/user/.gpxsee/tiles same technic apply accordingly for offline maps.

Therefore you need to create the folder ".gpxsee" make sure everyone has write and read access (chmod 777).

maps.txt example for openstreetmaps until maemo gpxsee version 4.16:
Version >= 5.6 the map file is in xml format.
For additional map sources you can have a look here

GPXSee is in extras-devel repository.
Or you can find it on openrepos.

For further shortcuts open keyboard controls from the application menu.
Menu entries beginning with "->" will go to another menu.
Menu entries ending with "..." will open a dialog.

With a mouse right click (long tap) you can change the units (metric/imperial), the axis (distance/time) and you can choose the map source.

If you have more gpx files in the opening folder, you can switch between them with ctrl+left and ctrl+right.

Zooming works when the map is active with the volume buttons. You could also use a mouse double click.
Since version 5.13 you could use "o"-key and "l"-key for zooming and in the last zoom step whit shift+o and shift+l you will have digital zooming.

Support for the last released version:
GPX, TCX, FIT, KML, IGC, NMEA, OziExplorer (PLT, RTE, WPT) and Garmin CSV
  • GPS data
  • Heart rate
  • Cadence
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Gear ratio/shifts (Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap)

Have a look in the coding competition thread for happy voting.
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